4 Beauty Dos & Don’ts For Summer

Summer Dos and DontsSummer is just under a month away, so now is an ideal time to begin tweaking hair routine and your attractiveness! Take a look at these fast summer don’ts and dos after the leap!
Beauty Dos & Don’ts For Summer 2DO Get Radiant—Safely

We adore a great faux suntan, but it will not shield you from sunburn. At nighttime, touch up any colour lost during the day with a slow tanner.
Beauty Dos & Don’ts For Summer 1
Truth is, no variety of squats will totally erase cellulite (damned genetics), however you can reduce its look. Afterward layer on a skin-plumping firming lotion after for a shrink wrap effect that is lasting.

Beauty Dos & Don’ts For Summer 3DO Attempt a Hair Primer

Your hair can not get sunburned, but the sunlight can damage your colour and dry out your strands. —spritz on a primer and rake through hair before styling—moist or dry. It helps repair and hydrate, as well as adding radiance and softness. The best part about those sprays?

Beauty Dos & Don’ts For SummerDo not Forget To Scale Back Your Make-Up

Leave high-glow glossaries at home—they can really magnify UV beams, damaging soft lip skin.

Elisa’s Top 5 Drugstore Foundations

Drugstore Foundations Image

It can not be quite easy to locate a moderately priced base that’s long-term power, coverage and great uniformity. Here are five drugstore bases that severely produce…

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Image

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Base
It seems completely perfect on the skin and meets all my needs in a base. It continues all day and has moderate to full coverage determined by what you are going for! In addition, this is an excellent merchandise for my girls with skin that is dry, it is superb hydrating and feels lightweight.

Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Image

In addition, this is mixes extremely nicely into the skin and a cream foundation. It is not quite as creamy as the colorstay foundation once it settles in but it seems extremely nice on the skin. This base also functions nicely with dry skin and has excellent coverage and does not feel.

Loreal True Match Image

This base has a tremendous assortment of colors to choose from and is lightweight with medium to full coverage!

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Image

Covergirl Outlast Remain Wonderful 3-in-1 Base
This base has coverage in addition to great lasting power. It says to have the power of a primer, mix and concealer -skill of a base which I fully agree with.

Fit Me Foundation Image

Maybelline Match Me Base
It worked extremely well with my skin and did not dry up it or seem flakey. What is amazing about this base is that it seems natural and provides you with a healthy dewy look to your skin.

3 Foundations To Try This Spring

Foundations_To_Try_This_SpringThis spring, search for lightweight formulas that can provide you with some coverage but may also give you a perfect springtime appearance…

The ideal way is by wearing a BB lotion, if you do not need to wear a foundation. Along with being super lightweight adequate coverage is additionally given by them and act like a tinted moisturizer. My favourite BB lotion is undoubtedly the Garnier Skin Revive BB Creme because the formula works nicely with my skin and it remains on all day.
Products that operate with the various kinds of weather and a couple of years back are generally released by makeup brands CoverGirl released their NatureLuxe line that contained a lightweight base. I adore this product because it gives adequate coverage to my skin so I am shielded by the sun’s dangerous rays and it additionally has sunblock in it.
My favourite part relating to this product is that it actually makes it look like I’ve glowing and healthy skin.

Natural Ways To Lighten Your Hair For Summer

Natural Ways To Lighten Your Hair For SummerWhy I Have never dyed my hair I shared, but I wish my hair was a little bit lighter every summer. But dying your hair is a major decision that is expensive to keep up and could cause damage.
Chamomile TeaChamomile Tea

It turns out the natural ingredients in chamomile tea are great for helping you fall asleep. Brew several cups of the tea, let it cool, then rinse your hair after your shower with it. Not only will your hair begin to lighten but soothe an irritated scalp and chamomile is known to reduce dandruff.


I was quite surprised to discover that my favourite spice had the skill to lighten hair color. Like honey, cinnamon includes peroxide. It’s possible for you to combine your regular conditioner and ground cinnamon. I have discovered that cinnamon also helps bring any reddish tones you’ve got in your hair out, so I am dying to give this technique an attempt this summer to bring out my natural reddish highlights.

How To Dress For A Festival: Firefly Edition

Firefly1_ImageThis three day event is rather the encounter because there aren’t resorts or anything of the kind. Individuals stay outdoor at nighttime and generally back tents and camping materials. Although becoming prepared may be an arduous job, it is easy to locate comfy and adorable appearances for this four day event. Below are some appearances I would wear if I were competent to attend this enjoyable-in-the-sunshine festival.

Among the largest festival fads is the crochet top. The short pants are the statement bit of the appearance , therefore I adore how below keeps the remainder of the appearance neutral and fundamental. A chain headband and caged flats help complete this laid back appearance.
Flowy maxi skirts and long are an ideal choice for the warm weather. The appearance is smart and interesting for this festival that is carefree.
Graphical tshirts and high-waisted short pants are a classic ensemble to wear to any holiday. Group t shirts are super simple to wear and they act as impartial in order to match them with anything. That’sn’t playing at the show if you would like to wear one stick with a group that’s old school or a group.
They look great and are undoubtedly a statement piece when paired with any appearance. I adore how she and a graphical black and white top match these short pants because it makes the entire appearance pop. Classic black sandals and shades keep all eyes on the ensemble and make the appearance stand out for this holiday that is perfect.

The Not-So-Sporty Girl’s Guide To Sneakers

Sneakers_For_Girls_5I’ve never understood the way to pull them away, although I adore the thought of wearing sneakers on a casual day. If you are a not-so-sporty girl who adores fashion that is high but can not walk in high heels, keep on reading.
Whether you are an athlete sneakers are appropriate for you — comfy feet look great on anyone.

But after a couple of blister- inducing I am prepared to adopt sneakers in a manner that is new. Instead of going for an athletic appearance, there are lots of other ways to design these versatile shoes.

Sneakers_For_Girls_3Keep it interesting

A classic sneaker that is white will get you an extended way, but don’t unafraid to attempt something a little more daring. Sneakers come from neons to animal prints in many interesting colours and designs. Adopt it, and make sneakers the statement bit of your ensemble. With colour blocking a major trend this spring and summer, there is nothing keeping you from combining sneakers that are bold with any ensemble.
Sneakers_For_Girls_4Ensure that it stays fresh

You may not presume to wear sneakers with your ultra female day attire, because it is completely surprising but this type of appearance is absolutely smart. Do not be frightened to match sneakers with ensembles that are classic or super girly and put together. With the addition of sneakers to these fashions that are tried and true, you can freshen up an old appearance.
Sneakers_For_Girls_2Ensure that it stays furious

 The only man is yourself! You are a fashionista, although you may not be an athlete — and your sneakers seem ferocious.

Annie’s Accessory Obsessions

Accessories Image

Accessories can take a simple ensemble and allow it to be exceptional, which is very good for women who adore their principles and particularly for me right now because I can pretty much just wear t shirts and leggings. Take a look at some accessories I am obsessing over that’ll take any ensemble to blingin from blah.
I actually adore jewelry that’s dainty and understated. You’d be surprised at what a difference only a small sparkle can make, although I understand it looks like jewelry in this way would not add much to an appearance!

14kgoldstackrings Image

I really like these 14 karat gold rings that are dainty with moissanite gemstones.

Kathleenwhitaker Image

This Aureus Bangle is pretty and fascinating!

Aureusbangle Image

I definitely need one of these date and nameplate bracelets Silas is born!

Daintyidbracelet Image

10 Wardrobe Staples You Need For Work

Workwear_Essentials_ImageFinding clothes may be a real hassle. If you are strugging to put your ensembles together in the mornings, these basics will make becoming prepared a lot easier…
Blazer_ImageSingle Breasted Blazer

Matching a blazer with dress or a top immediately shines.
I think as a sailcloth of my black dresses. The”re simple to dress up with heels and statement necklaces, or you’ll be able to match them with some flats and a cardigan.

Bodycon_Dress_ImagePlus, if you are meeting up with your pals for happy hour later, all you’ve got to do is change up some accessories and you have got a great going look out!
Black_Office_Trousers_ImagePants With A Subtle Design

Black slacks are an apparent basic for work, but slacks with a subtle design are excellent for changing things up.
Trousers_With_A_Subtle_Pattern_ImageFundamental Black Pants

Black pants are essential for any office setting. I recommend taking a tailor them and having them hemmed. The silk blouse and can make or break an outfit, particularly when the span is all incorrect.
Statement_Necklace_ImageStatement Necklace

It is simple to overlook statement necklaces, but the silk blouse and immediately make an ensemble look more polished. They are wonderful for dressing simple tops and dresses up, and they look fantastic on anyone.
Statement_Earrings_ImageStatement Earrings

If you are keeping your work outfits straightforward and clean, wearing some statement earrings with a pop of colour is an excellent method to add just a little style to your ensemble. I’d recommend keeping the remainder of your accessories simple and toned down, if you are going to be wearing them.

Like the black pants, it is critical to ensure the fit is tailored and perfect no wrinkles and no shoulders that are loose. I match and simple black pants and mine together with a brilliant heel, or with a skirt and flats. On mine’s days, I usually wear mine with a dirty top knot, a patterned shoe and cigarette pants.
Pinstripe_Pencil_Skirt_ImagePencil Skirt

Take a tailor it and have it hemmed and you will have an excellent choice to pair with cardigans, Oxford top and a blouse.
Mine do not understand about you, but I can not handle walking in heels all day — my work is actually affected by it. If these are not your backup shoes, possessing a classic pair of black flats that are pointed is a must.
Pointed_Flats_ImageFundamental Black Pumps

A great pair of high heel is a must have for work — the can immediately enhance your bearing and assurance. If you are not overly comfy in heels, mine urge investing in some foot pillows and stashing a pair of backup flats.

Black_Pump_Image Actually, mine am only able to wear the for a few hours, so I often switch shoes through the day if time allows.

Currently Coveting: Summer Patterned Shoes

Summer Patterned Shoes Image

Here are some of my favourite patterned shoes for summer…

Jeffrey Campbell Bijou Flat Image

Jeffrey Campbell Bijou D’Orsay Level
The pattern of this timeless d’orsay flat paired with virtually anything in your summer wardrobe, and can be worn every summer.

Report Sunburst Flat Image

Report Touch Sunburst Level
I had wear this summer flat with a solid coloured dress, or only trousers and an easy top.

Vans Authentic In Coral Image

These enjoyable summer sneakers would be a festival that is perfect for a summer.

Authentic Vans In Camo Floral Image

Bona Fide Vans in Camo Flowery
I had wear these classic Vans with a chambray shirt and cut offs — summer the design simply cries!

Kate Spade Champ Sneaker Image

Champ Sneaker
I adore this 60s-divine design! I had wear this laceless slip on shoe with some cutoffs and a chambray shirt.

Isis Sandal Image

Isis Sandal
The couch pants were lately bought by me in this same pattern and I adore them. This enjoyment, glowing pattern is an ideal means to punch up your summer wardrobe.

Keds Pointer Sneaker Image

Everything You Need To Know About Vegan Leather

Vegan Leather BagThe vegan lifestyle is taking the fashion world over as increasingly more top designers are using animal cruelty-free materials. I am all for preventing animal cruelty, but I’d like to understand some more info relating to this cryptic “vegan” leather all my favourite shops are selling. Here’s everything you must understand about leather that is vegan before making your next purchase.
I’ve been on the hunt for a fresh bag, I keep coming across one matter and as I have scoured the Internet and the mall: vegan leather. When I read the label of a tote promising to be made of leather that was vegan, I was perplexed. Is not it only called faux leather?
 Here is what I found out about leather that is vegan.
The two appear to be associated in many people’s heads, while the vegan lifestyle does not have any technical ties to environmentalism.

Layering plastic in addition to cloth until it creates a leather like substance generally makes vegan leather. Previously this plastic was PVC — like the type of plastic but many designers are using polyurethane. While this may be a measure above PVC, most types of leather that is vegan aren’t completely biodegradable making the designers dangerous to the ecosystem.

Vegan leather does have some important advantages, while the best for the Earth not it. This is definitely the way to go, if animal rights are a priority for you. Besides being cruelty-free, vegan leather is also finer to your bank account. Tacky pleather’s days have passed, and vegan leather is currently a believable replacement for the real thing. It’s even considered to be watertight and wrinkle-free, meaning it should continue more than actual leather things. Therefore, if you are looking to save some cash and creatures, vegan leather should be on top of your list.