7 Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses IdivatrendsWearing eyeglasses has its advantages and disadvantages. Eyeglasses are quicker to put on than contact lenses but it can be an issue you would like to wear shades. Wearing eyeglasses may also make you feel as though your make-up is being concealed. But while wearing your adorable specs wearing make-up is straightforward and easy to do. Read more to learn tricks that can help when wearing your eyeglasses improve your make-up.
As a four-eyed girl myself I have learned that the ideal way to show your make-up off when wearing spectacles would be to define your eyes. While wearing spectacles your eyes will constantly be the center of attention having pleasure with eye makeup is the greatest strategy to use. But in addition, there are other places you’ll be able to spend time on. Take a look at my suggestions below:

  • Use eyes shadows for your particular eye color

If you’ve got brown eyes try to find gold/brown shadows. If you’ve got blue eyes you should be on the lookout out for shadows that are grayish. Hazel eyes pop with both golden or green shadows. Attempt: Almay Intense Colour

  • Use eyeliner

Contour is given by using eyeliner to your eyes to allow them to pop. It’s possible for you to attempt any colour but the most definition is given by dark linings like black. Attempt: MAC Eye Kohl

  • Do not forget under eye concealer


Wearing eyeglasses make and can magnify under darkness and eye circles noticeable. Make sure you cover them with a concealer that provides you with additional coverage.

  • Attempt: It Make-Up Bye Under Eye Corrector

Form them often and use an eyebrow pencil to gently fill in them. After use an eyebrow gel to repair wild hairs.

  • Make your lashes more
  • Wear light rouge

Your cheeks are the part of your face that’s the most observable when wearing eyeglasses. Applying blush that is light will give your cheeks subtle colour without being overpowering.

There is a highlighter meant to show essential characteristics of your face that’s perfect to identify more places that glasses may cover off. Using it dab highlighter in the interior corners of your eyes, underneath your eyebrow bone, on the bridge of your nose and above your cheekbones.

Music Festival Fashion At Blues And Shoes

Festival_Cover_Photo_GOOD_ImageUntil I showed up at Blues I forgot the true significance of filthy hippie — but the matter is, everyone at CC pulls it away. Everyone can throw on their most ratty pair of overalls, an old Hawaiian shirt they purchased for two dollars at a large straw hat, and the local thrift store, and seem completely put together and perfect.

The basic of any woman at Blues is the iconic chemise dress. The chemise dress serves many functions. First, it’s undoubtedly the most comfortable item of clothing that I’ll ever possess. Ever. A chemise dress is what it sounds like: a dress that resembles a chemise. I am essentially simply touched by it at the shoulders, simply because my shoulders must support up the dress. It hangs and dancing, giving your movements, and resting the independence it wants at Shoes and Blues. Second, what’s more filthy hippie chic than a chemise dress? It allows for a casual manner and dynamic dancing that no other clothing could potentially do. Eventually, chemise dresses are an ideal article of clothing to share. It’s essentially an one-size-fits-all scenario, giving me ample chance to steal my buddies’ dresses, however different our sizes must be. My wardrobe has essentially doubled due to this creation that was perfect.
This builds and makes it much less difficult to fit various sizes. I swear, this clothing will be passed around your buddies too many times to count! Take a look at Free People for effortless and elegant chemise dresses.

Regardless of the year, the next style, is the value of facepaint. Despite the period of time I understand folks place into the facepaint, everyone consistently manages to keep the hippie vibe that is effortless.

I believe the designs that everyone picks that morning very much reveal their approaches towards Blues in the second of painting. I selected persistent and geometric designs, because my encounter at Blues is generally straightforward and quite organized. Quite predictable, straightforward, and relaxing. It takes all kinds to make Blues the free and dynamic encounter it is!

The most significant, and closing, tendency is the positivity in the space of Shoes and Blues. What makes Blues exceptional is the way it can bring everyone on the CC campus together in an environment that’s warm, bright, carefree, and friendly. There isn’t any way you leave in a lousy disposition and could appear to Blues. Where else can you see the grass totally covered in various home made blankets, dancing to blaring banjos, and get free bbq?

H&M’s New Conscious Collection Launches This Week

H&M’s_New_Conscious_Collection_1H&M is starting a new range, Mindful Exclusive, to be sold in select stores and on-line this week. Partnering with the cofounders of a sustainable fashion, Ever Manifesto and design publication, the new range features a number of the most high fashion seems the brand has created.
I make a sharp attempt to be pleasant to the environment during my regular life, although the most green girl definitely not me out there. I make an effort to walk instead of drive when the weather’s fine, cut my shower time down and switch off the faucet after I’m brushing my teeth. It is something, although it might not be much. Most ethically and sustainably produced trend is just out of my budget, although I have always needed to expand my eco-friendly customs to my wardrobe.

Their previous aware groups have supplied affordable and fashionable sustainable fashion to those people who want to reduce our environmental impact.

In the appearances of the range, the latest sustainable clothing line of H&M is the most hip one yet. From intricately comprehensive coats to floor-length evening dresses, there are a number of really stunning pieces in H&M’s latest effort that is ethical.

Click through the gallery to not see unavailable in select shops and on-line April 10!

Model of the Moment: Chloe Norgaard

Chloe_Norgaard_6_ImageAmong many reasons is for the single fact that she does what makes her happy and is true. With fun character and her multicolored locks, Chloe has demonstrated to the world you may be lively and entertaining while being an enviable fashion model and has nailed important modeling shows.

Black dress and sporting a fashionable flowery brazer, she seems perfect for springtime.
Clothing store Nasty Gal is known for edgy style and there hideous clothing so it is not surprising they requested to to be modeled by Chloe for their Springtime 2014 effort. Here she’s rocking tweedy bird top that is interesting with a cellphone case covered in various distinct pictures of pills.
Adoring her slicked back her flirty and pink locks and female retro floral skirt.
Chloe in addition has graced the catwalk to showcase the most recent fashions and fads along with starring in various editorials. Here she’s working the runway.Chloe_Norgaard_4_Image

Currently Coveting: Kimonos For The Beach

Kimonos_For_The_Beach_5I am already considering summer, although it appears like springtime has hardly just started. I have been wanting and waiting for so long that I have my beach day ensemble planned for my first excursion to the coast. I am coveting kimonos at the shore this summer.

Previously I have worn sundresses, but with respect to the neckline of the suit and the dress that can seem clumsy with a lot of sets of straps. Rompers also attempted, but it is no fun attempting to take off an one piece coverup when using a public beach restroom.
I believe I have found the best remedy: kimonos this year. My summer fashion consistently will rock more bohemian and boho kimonos are a fashionable, no-fuss means to fix my coverup conundrum.
Kimonos have a great number of coverage and no straps or zippers or buttons when you are catching lunch or on the boardwalk. It might be difficult to tell if you had been wearing a bathing suit or just rocking the crop top style, if you added some of denim shorts.Kimonos_For_The_Beach_3

8 Date Ideas For Spring

Date Ideas For Spring 3Have you been experiencing Spring Fever? You as well as your cutie have likely been snuggling up but the birds are chirping and now the atmosphere’s fresh and breezy, it is time to head out into the sunlight again. All these tasks can also be enjoyable to do with your best gal pals, if you’re single and free!

Date Ideas For Spring 1
It is time to pull out that old wicker basket your grandma gave you, which raggedy picnic blanket for what feels like forever you have had. A picnic in the park is perfect for a bright day in April. Do not forget sunblock, however! There is a red nose no enjoyable the day after some sun shenanigans.

Hanging out in a Hayfield

The brief road trip will free your nature and hanging out up in a open field with blooms all around you’ll just make you happy!

Drive in Theater/ Display on the Green
Outside pictures are things that are amazing. For those who have a drive-in theater in your area, bring bites, some beach chairs and blankets, and you’re set for an ideal evening. The action of seeing a film with a big group of individuals is completely not the same as seeing a film house alone in your small notebook display!

I am excited just considering going horse. Horse back riding is such an encounter by itself, and experiencing it is a venture that is even trendier. Attempt searching for horse farms I’ve am reminiscing now and done this in days gone by!
Date Ideas For Spring 2
Working up a little perspiration couldn’t less pleasure when you are with your cutie. Make the most of the crisp atmosphere, before your lungs smash.

Go to your own Local Planetarium, Stargaze and afterward Lay Outside
The planetarium might be something you have just experienced with your 5th grade science teacher, but they’re truly extremely amazing! Plus, staring up in the stars is completely intimate. Seeing the stars and putting outside at night is intimate! Attempting to look for constellations/making your own constellations up is innocently springlike and sweet.
Assess the local Festivals
For example, I attended the opening of the open air farmer’s market of my town, and it was fun! Wandering previous venders that are local is not only a nice task, but supporting your local companies is very significant!

Date Ideas For Spring 4Go Bike
Riding through areas — or the park it does not matter.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Otterbox Symmetry iPhone Case Review

Otterbox_Symmetry_IPhone_Case_I adored the way it despised adding mass to my telephone and appeared, so I made due with no case for a great year. Subsequently my buddy unexpectedly dropped my telephone which decoded the display in only the appropriate spots, making reading anything almost hopeless.
I’ve additionally attempted several cellphone cases with varying levels of success and since had to replace the display on my iPhone.
With my upgrade to an iPhone 5, I was decided to locate a means to shield my telephone from my butterfingers and my two infants in addition to however keep it looking adorable and practical.
The experts are that it’s quite tough and well made for the cost. The Pros were truly extremely annoying, so I’d have favored the case without those small sections. Additionally the case would not fit into most of my trousers pockets.

After using this case for four months I recognized I needed a fresh instance I desired to find something more streamlined so my telephone could fit into my pocket and because both layers of the telephone were beginning to annoy me.

Talk about perfect time! Otterbox contacted us to try their new Symmetry show cases which are considerably more slender in profile than their other instances. No matter the case has dropped is constantly in perfect state.
Nevertheless, a well made instance was not enough to tempt me to try outside the case. Afterward I saw the colour options, and I became interested enough to try it outside.

I picked the sweet flowery cover Eden.Otterbox_Symmetry_IPhone_Case__Blue

So after several weeks of my telephone wearing the case 247 here are my ideas:


  • One bit case (that is made of two substances) that is not difficult to install and stays put
  • Exceptionally well made and super tough case (analyzed by about 10 drops that are adventitious)
  • Quite slender profile so my telephone fits readily into my trousers pockets.


  • The silicone buttons are difficult to shove (you must break them in a bit)
  • Cost (case sells for $44.95)

The case the price feels sturdy in your hands and exceptionally well made but the amazing thing is it’s an extremely thin case when you keep your phone in your pocket so you do not feel added majority. I expect the quality with this case to survive a lengthy time and definitely feel like you are paying for it.

What To Wear: The Sporty-Cute Hiker

Sporty_Cute_HikerTwo weeks ago, I and my class went to Gettysburg, PA on an excursion with our professor. Certainly not.
Allowed, Gettysburg isn’t always a hike, but it is the closest thing that I have experienced since I moved to DC.

The significant thing to remember about sporty- hikers that are adorable is they seem cool. They were not even, or in their sorority formal attire in flannel and the goto leggings. What was it?

Eventually, it hit me. The sporty- hikers that are adorable always manage to strike at the critical balance of function and shape. If you wore a flirty skirt and high heel to the peak of a mountain, you’d seem foolish. The sporty-adorable hiker joins the two thoughts into one ensemble that is wonderful, practical, and naturally trendy.
I did my best day to emulate the elegant design for Gettysburg.

The significant thing was that I wasn’t going on a hike that is actual. So my ensemble didn’t need hiking boots that are genuine (Bean boots will be just great) or a top that allows for simple movement and breathability. I managed to join function and the trend of my specific scenario.

I will begin from the bottom up. First selection: Legume Boots. Legume Boots are equally as useful I have to walk everywhere, and are a basic in my wintertime wardrobe. Additionally I love how they appear. Personally, i select to leave the laces reversed. This not only gives my feet an opportunity to respire, but says to other hikers, “Hey, I am here and I am keeping up with you, but appear how everyday I’m!” Perfect.

This holds particularly true with the lad jeans they sell. The hang to the ankle, and sit on the waistline. You’ve got the choice to cuff the backsides or not, and the look is elevated by adding a cunning leather belt constantly. Because boy jeans are naturally loose fitting, while flattering, they give themselves totally as a cozy faux-hiking jean. Amazing.

When it comes to top, essentially any adorable shirt will do. The function was realized by you on the bottom half, so it is time for the more adorable side. I personally picked a button up, loose fitting tank. The top fits loosely, making it less difficult to traverse land or any dangerous trails. I contained a pleasure bralette to add some colour, because it is so loose. Due to the simplicity of the top, I selected to contain layered necklaces. Layered necklaces are quite popular, and jewelry actually won’t get in the way because Gettysburg isn’t a really sensational hike. I would like to say, “Hey, I daring, the same as the rest of you hikers, but I am keeping it everyday!” Trendy.
Last but not least come the remaining accessories for the hike. Is the jumper selection. Personally, i get really cold really readily, so I constantly need to bring a jumper along. Jumpers and tying coats around your midsection is currently a style that is popular, so no worries about having to carry the jumper everywhere. Additionally, I contained a Free People broad-brimmed hat to add another degree of accessories to the ensemble and to shield my face from sunlight. Additionally, I threw with some croakies in my favourite pair of Ray Bans.

Personally, my spectacles stretch out when they are placed by me on my head, so I use croakies to shield them from altering size or from becoming scraped. Disposables are perfect for a ton of motives. First, they’re the first Instagram. You’ll necessarily capture a totally filtered, hippie, joyous minute. Second, they’re simple to transport and fit very well in my boyfriend jeans’ rear pocket. Third, there is in looking forward to your picture to develop — you’ll get a flavor of what life was like back in the late ’90s/early 2000s a pleasure excitement. Disposable cameras are critical in pleasure trips with friends.

Overall, I selected a look that was quite slouchy and cozy, with a feeling of being put together and a touch of pattern and pieces. Other tourists at Gettysburg will see and respect my sport- hiker fashion that is adorable!

What are your favourite articles of clothing work out in or to trek?

5 Tips To Help Your Man Dress Better

Man_Dress_Better_4All of us adore the special men but that does not mean their wardrobes are consistently loved by us. Whether it is your boyfriend, father, brother or friend, we have those men for what is on the interior who we love, but they may want just a little help getting their exterior up to level. Love may be blind, but some trend faux pas that is really awful are demanding to discount. Help your favourite man dress better with these five suggestions.
It is not about attempting to alter your guy or not recognizing dad for how he’s already. It is simply that you are aware of how particular dad is, and you need everyone to understand at first glance that the guy is amazing inside and outside.
I have been fortunate to have an excellent boyfriend and he’s so unique in my experience. I am aware that my boyfriend is intelligent, responsible, compassionate and driven, but some mixed signals were being sent by his wardrobe. Between logo and the loose jeans T shirts (the bane of my existence) his wardrobe was not showing him in the greatest light. Rather than characterizing my boyfriend as the caring and competent man I understand, he looked like a preteen whose only trend standards was that there be a name brand observable.
Chances are, my boyfriend’s not dressing only to allow you to get mad, he simply does not understand any better. Trend may not be something your man has a curiosity about — and that is great — but it likely means when it comes time my boyfriend has restricted resources. Focus on the fundamentals — actually. I needed to describe to my boyfriend what principles and neutrals were once I began helping him with his wardrobe. One time my boyfriend asked me because he did not see the practical use a top had chest pockets.

Do not drag your man to the mall for an all day shopping spree with you — he simply might not make it. Having food in the price never damages.
Recall that when you are helping his fashion sense improves. It is going to take time, on taking baby steps and you should work. Perhaps first focus get rid of the worst trend offenders hanging in his cabinet. Or help him master fitting and color schemes before you proceed to anything overly extreme. Do not shove him too much from his comfort zone. My boyfriend is taking the notion of layering. Something about coupling together over two items to make an ensemble freaks him out so I must remember to not shove him before he is emotionally willing into taking this measure.

Give him a fine gift which you understand he will adore, but give him some clothing which you’d love to see him wear, when special occasions come around. It is worth investing in his trend instruction, if his clothing choices matter to you.
Better Man Dressing
We love to get compliments from our men (only actual ones, obviously) but occasionally we can be a bit stingy handing outside them. Instead of bashing on the worst ensembles of your guy, attempt complimenting him when he does something. Recall, your guy might be just setting in the attempt to dress better because he needs to force you to get joyful, so let him understand when you believe he looks fantastic!

4 Ways To Transition Your Winter Dress

Transition_Your_Winter_Dress_1_Image Transitioning winter things will result in new ensembles and enjoyable and can be simple. Among the simplest pieces is the winter dress because it’s this type of versatile thing that could be worn regardless of what. Below are a few of the best ways how I’d style a winter dress and to wear it in the springtime.
Among the best things is you can begin to integrate more colour into your wardrobe. This dress can readily be worn during the springtime yet when paired with jean coat and fine sandals.
Some springtime days may be more chilly than others matching a light weight jumper or sweatshirt is an ideal means also remain warm and to seem cool.
Patterned dresses are an easy and fun way to look sophisticated and pulled together when wearing running regular errands. I really like the bold purple and pink pattern which can be in this dress plus they are an ideal shades for springtime. The button up design is also popular and very smart . Lose boots and the tights but keep the lightweight cardigan when it begins to get chilly to remain warm.
Sweater dresses are a clear choice when the weather is cold and brutal, but I am also an enormous supporter of the pleasure and comfortable dress.