Girl Crush: Lena Dunham

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First things first: Lena is a jack of all trades and among the most hardworking young women out there. All of us understand her as Hannah of HBO’s hit show Girls, which premiered in 2012 for the very first time. But did you understand the show was also written, directed and produced by Lena?

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When I saw Girls I need to confess, I ‘d no notion what to make of it. Lena Dunham has created a show that totally captures unglamorous, the regular young woman’s life and all.

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Lena has been known for her controversial quotations involving body image. She is made it clear that she’s not a size zero, and she does not care! She’s always being criticized for her less-than-perfect look, and protects herself with resilience. I really respect Lena’s ability possess and to love who she’s.

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I feel like my work depends on the fact that I am an everywoman.” Realistic, apparently normal girls are represented by Lena but she shows that when you love yourself , others believe, you’re anything but normal.

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Allison Reviews: SHOW Beauty Dry Shampoo and Pure Treatment Oil

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I am constantly on the hunt for excellent dry shampoos that will not leave my hair faded and weighed down. I’ve dark hair using the improper shampoo that is dry with second or third day hair generally means leaving washed-out to the house, heavy hair that feels filthy. And do not even get me started on hair oils—the hair oil that is improper generally means coping with insanely oily hair that simply will not stop.

The dry shampoo contains a colorless natural , including rice starch and tapioca powder that consume oil at the root and remove impurities.

With my hair that is dark, the merchandise was clean and quite user friendly with my thick hair my third day hair felt fresh. Another plus with this dry shampoo is it did not weigh my hair down. If you can barely stand to go a day without washing it and have thick hair, this is an excellent dry shampoo which will keep your hair feeling clean.

This leave-in multi-use elixir contains a and intensely nourished.

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The hair treatment oil was applied by me to towel-dry hair, beginning below the ears. With this merchandise, a little bit goes quite a distance like most treatment oils. My hair is a little past my shoulders, and I used about it warming in my hands before dispersing. I did find that my hair was shinier and considerably softer, after styling my hair as usual.

And if you are the kind of woman that stores her products on her conceit, the packaging of SHOW Attractiveness is too magnificent not to show. The packaging reminds me a little of cologne bottles or candles!

What’s In Sarah’s Carry-On

What’s_In_Sarah’s_Carry_OnI’m the queen of procrastination — I leave for Spain and Morocco on Monday and I do not have one thing packed. I think about what to package always, although I probably will not do it until the day before. I understand I’ll be exhausted after traveling for almost a whole day (from Pittsburgh to New York to Madrid and eventually arriving in Marrakech!) I would like to be sure I’ve certainly everything I’ll want in my carryon with me. Here is a list of the essentials I am packaging for the airplane.


  • Comfy Trousers — You and tshirt never understand if bag will get lost or how long you will be stuck at an airport. Consistently have at least one set of additional clothes.
  •  An eye mask is an excellent method to block out any light from interrupting your slumber on a very long flight.
  •  Having a pair of socks will ensure you are comfortable the whole way.
  • Shades — into a busy airport and Stepping off a long flight can be a nightmare.
  • Scarf — I’ll rock scarves in Morocco, so I will want one easy. They are excellent for covering up hair that is wild. Or if you are chilly, use a large scarf as an additional blanket… You may get some odd looks, but do what you gotta do!


  • Electronic Equipment (phone, camera) — Having games and music on your cellphone will keep you amused on a flight for a while. If you are going abroad, be sure to consult your service carrier so you do not get charged with fees that are outrageous. Leave it at home. And bring a camera to record your enjoyable…youwill need to share images when you get back!
  • Headset for listening to music and blocking out sound
  • Magazines — I am magazine obsessed and consistently package a few in airports for flights or downtime.
  • Pencils — to write with! Be sure to have a few to play games with your traveling pal (tic tac toe, anyone?)


  •  My mother swears by Dramamine for almost any journey. I do not buy the one that is non drowsy because I never mind getting a little additional sleep!
  • Mascara — and bB Cream keep your face fresh on a long flight with minimal make-up. Throw the essentials in your carry on, but keep the remainder in your checked baggage.
  • Make-Up Removing Towelettes — do not ignore your face; Remove your make-up before you reapply and sleep before you land. I believe baby wipes function, although these towelettes are suitable!
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste — do not be the man on the airplane with bad breath.


Ask A Stylist: Your Hair Questions Answered!

Hair Questions Answered!Your mother has consistently done a lot for you, be sure to take time to spend telling her thank you; it actually is the least you are able to do for your mother. Sadly, many of the presents your disposable income is all of those presents and $40 a week if you’re anything like me and your mother deserves additionally have an extremely big price tag are extremely out of your budget. After all, it’s the idea that matters.
Do all the chores for a week If you are seeing for an extended time or live at home take your mother’s responsibilities in the house over. Because you’ll eventually understand how much your mother really does this isn’t just an excellent way to give her a rest, but an excellent learning experience for you.

Write a letter You may not consistently express how much you adore your mother when you’re speaking to her. In the second, the words are simply not consistently there. Rather than attempting to push it into a dialog, write her a word and let her understand why you adore her. Plus, when you write down everything it’s much more easy to be facile.

Let her pick the action As children and spend time with her, we’re generally self-centered.

Create imitation coupons you’ll be able to get creative with these. You can give her a clean coupon that she determines if you’re feeling extremely generous.

Make her breakfast in bed Using only the basics like milk, eggs, flour and sugar you’ll be able to create a tasty breakfast with everything from pancakes and waffles to fried egg or the best omelet. These principles are so affordable it’s like essentially spending nothing on breakfast.

5 Rules To Follow When Applying Self-Tanner

Rules To Follow When Applying Self-TannerIf you are looking to add a subtle luminescence this season with no brutal, self-tanner is undoubtedly an excellent strategy to use. If you are somewhat new to sunless application, here are a few easy and quick suggestions on a run-free gleam…

  • Do everything.

Should you should get a manicure or a wax, shave your legs or touch up your hair color, do it before applying any self-tanner. Shaving or washing hair dye out can cause self-tanners to disappear.

  • Exfoliate.

Self-tanner sinks into dry skin, making dark spots that seem not completely natural. Slough any flakes in your body with a coarse scrub away, focusing on rough spots like elbows, the knees, ankles and heels. With glycolic or salicylic acid and a skin brush, use a cleanser for your face . Prevent anything oil- since it leaves behind deposit that causes stripes.

  • Begin at the base and work your way up.

This technique divides poor fake tans and magnificent sunless luminescence.

  •  Prevent showering or perspiration for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Clean up

Self-tanner errors occur, but there is no need. If splotches or streaks appear, rub half a lemon on the region for two minutes before softly buffing it with a moist towel.

Tried And True: 4 Products For More Voluminous Hair

Products For More Voluminous Hair There’s been rather a reply up to now! One of our readers inquired:
I’ve an adequate quantity of hair but my hair is fairly level. Is there any product you advocate?
This is a simple one for me because I have this precise problem. I’ve personally attempted many volumizing products on myself, but on various customers with this issue too! Here are 4 products I’ve personally attempted that absolutely work.

Products For More Voluminous Hair 2
This see-through dry spray creates feel and immediate fullness to whirl hair into an airy shape. Raw silk powders with light-holding polymers stick immediately for a feel that is gently interlaced to make hair appear weightless and effortlessly complete—and keep it that way.
Living Proof Complete Thickening Creme
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Fine, thin hair to behave like thick hair with soft, touchable body is allowed by this styling innovation. By depositing thickening points on the hair strands, Complete creates a thicker surface that empowers fine hair to have lovely contour, natural move and bounce and volume through the day.
Verb Volume Aerosol
Products For More Voluminous Hair 3
This body improving mist amplifies fine hair for a flexible finish that is complete.
Powder Osis Dust It
Products For More Voluminous Hair 4A multipurpose texturizing and volumizing powder which supplies a stylish matte finish and helps the natural motion of your hair. This lavish styling powder lets you create ‘second day’ hair with buildable hold and light styling control.

Style Inspiration: Alexis Krauss

Alexis_Krauss_5One of my favourite female rockers who’s unafraid wear what she needs and to express herself is Sleigh Bells front woman Alexis Krauss. Constantly sporting herself’s trademark candid bangs and covered in tattoos, Alexis has made a name for herself in the trend world but also in the music world. Herself can constantly be seen rocking her trademark bomber jacket, leather and studs, denim hot pants, crop tops.

Alexis is known for her fun and unafraid rocking chair elegant style and I adore how she and a daring graphic tshirt paired her superb edgy denim shorts. The shirt can be paired with an even more daring fashion such as Alexis’ washed and tie dyed short pants that also featured a short ton of studs because it is in classic black and white. Alexis’ trademark raven locks and multiple bracelets completed the appearance and creates a fun appearance for the stage.
Alexis also is a lover of dresses and colour although she is understood for rocking edgier bits. It is fun piece that’s ideal for a day spent with friends and may also be dressed up for night time and a flirty.
Although they’re an extremely manly appearance, jersey’s are an enjoyable way to slowly introduce yourself to the sports luxe tendency that started up. Coupled with shorts or leggings and you’ve got an ideal appearance that is cursory, and you can match the jersey with tights and wear it as a dress if it is.
Interesting and edgy appearances are not merely for the stage! Alexis kept the remainder of the appearance simple and stuck to fundamental black booties, because the vest is such a statement piece.
I adore classic and glamorous Alexis looked at the Don Jon premier in a basic black dress. Alexis added her timeless edgy style to the appearance nevertheless by matching the dress with enjoyable cut out black booties that were grungy though elegant.

The Top 3 Foundation Primers

Primers_ImageWhenever I put on a full face of base the base will continue all day and I like to ensure my face will truly soak in the merchandise. An excellent method to ensure you’ll have long lasting base is before you put in your base by applying a primer. A primer is perfect because it makes sure the base actually soaks into your skin and smooths out your pores. It is not and also helps with a perfect complexion that what every girl really desires? Below are some of my favourite primers I believe it is vital that you put money into an excellent primer and who I’ve used over time.

This merchandise is a sacred grail thing for me I find that my bases seems so much nicer when I use this merchandise and because it really works. It makes my skin soft before I use my base and readily smooths out my pores. This undoubtedly worth spending the cash for a perfect complexion, although it is on the pricier side.
Another primer that may also cause an excellent complexion and functions just as well is Benefit’s The PoreFessional Primer. It works so nicely on the skin and you get perfect coverage when paired with a basis on top. This merchandise is, in addition, on the pricier side but it is worth it to pay cash for something that really works and will result in a perfect face that is closing.
If you do not need to spend lots of cash but still need a primer that will do the product’s job you should definitely check out the Repair And Perfect Primer of Rimmel. My skin was a lot softer and my pores did somewhat smooth out, so it’s an excellent choice if trying to find a cheaper alternative.

Annie’s Week On Instagram

Annie’s Week On Instagram

Summer is beginning to peak the head of it’s here in New York and I am loving every second of sun that we are becoming. I am beginning to slow down things with my own make-up artistry company and Bobbi Brown as I get bigger and larger and closer to my due date.

Annie’s Week On Instagram 1

That means lots of time for Idivatrends, soaking up all that’s summer and prepping for infant!

Annie’s Week On Instagram 2

This smell is inspiration and my new fixation for my favourite summer attractiveness appearance!

Annie’s Week On Instagram 3


I adore living in Park Slope because so many folks have gardens that are magnificent! Here is a peek at my neighbor’s bloom filled development.

Annie’s Week On Instagram 4

One of my best friends is in town and he and I seen with this wonderful group of lilacs!

Annie’s Week On Instagram 5

Why I’m (Still) Obsessed With Palazzo Pants

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Read my reasons after the jump!

  • They’re stretchy. I am certain you can connect.

Palazzo Pants Stretchy Image


  • They’re affordable. These brilliant Love Culture palazzo pants are just $24.95. Enough said.

Palazzo Pants Love Culture Image


  • It’s possible for you to dress them up. These are perfect for work party or an office meeting!

Palazzo Pants Dress Up Image


  • It’s possible for you to dress the down. Pleasure and exceptional patterned palazzo pants are excellent for simply lounging around the house, or catching a cup of coffee!

Palazzo Pants Dress Down Image


  • They’re flattering on any contour. No matter your physique, the free-flowing palazzo pants are consistently pleasing to the eye.Palazzo Trouser Variety Image
  • They’re suitable for any season. They’re trousers that keep you covered and are breezy. Therefore, if you wear palazzo pants, no matter the weather, you can remain cool and warm!Palazzo Pants Last Pic Image